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Maegan Jessica Porter

By Ashley Irvine

Maegan was born on October 28. Her parents are Brian and Carole. Maegan was born in Timmins but spent 80% of her life in Iroquois Falls, until grade 10 when she left the big bad town of Iroquois Falls, For Ottawa, the capital of Canada. This is all mumbo jumbo but it was in fact this transition that would change Maegan’s life forever.

When Maegan was growing up she had many struggles, both in family and in school. She had many different issues she had to learn to over come, and although this is not the most cheerful beginning to a biography it was those changes that make her the wonderful person she is today. Maegan had a decent childhood *I cannot write about it because I wasn’t there so I am starting at grade 8* but spend your time seeing her for what she is now and not what she was. She is a strong, talented girl with more love than anyone around. In grade eight Maegan had a very strong group of friends, six young girls who swore that nothing would ever change them. That of course is not the way the world works and everything seemed to change fast. The girls separated, Maegan going the furthest.

When Maegan first got to Ottawa, she felt like a bird without wings. She knew nothing of the city and moving from a town of a few thousand people is quiet the shock. Maegan spent a few of her days feeling pretty down, but it did not take her long to grow wings and learn how to fly. She met some great friends in Ottawa. Sarah; who advised her and made her feel back at home with her small town attitude, Brandi; whose crazy ways and eccentric personality brought her out of her shell and into the world, Steph; who taught her how to trust, forgive, forget and be strong, Steph H; who showed her what life beyond the walls could be like, Jess; who unknowingly taught her not to care about what other people thought among other things and Carmen; who though did not always make sense, made her laugh and showed her what loyalty was. They gave her wings and helped her discover who she is today.

Maegan has come a long way since I first met her. She is now crazy,(haha) she is open and adventurous. When I first met her she would not talk unless she absolutely had too. Now she is herself. No matter how long it takes a person to find themselves, if one can discover who they are the way Maeg has…they will also be able to conquer anything that comes there way. I admire her strength and her love. She fights for things she believes in and she knows what is wrong. No matter how ugly this world becomes Maegan will always show what true beauty is.


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